Information Design: Failed Website

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Failed information design included in the book are usually the result of clutter, an unclear message, or information overload. An example I found was a website for Rhode Islands College Bookstore. The website has cluttered advertisements and information scattered randomly on the page. The website would be better if there was organization clearly defining subjects worth navigating too. Information design should be orderly, when the audience views the page they should be able to retrieve the information they want to capture the message.

Ineffective Information Design using Youtube

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I decided for this exercise to use the vastly popular website, Youtube. For many years youtube's layout stayed static, changing very little. In recent years, however, they have changed their layout numerous times, and have come up with one most recently that I believe is a fantastic example of ineffective information design.

Katz Chap 1

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The site I'd like to use for this response is It's nice to see that they have improved the site over recent years, but there is still SO MUCH information. The designer tries to create a hierarchy of information through the structure of the site (menu bar and nav bar), but ultimately fails. The data is too dense and completely overwhelming:

Ineffective Advertising

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The link that is attached below shows an image of an advertisement on the side of a vehicle. The Home Depot advertisement is ineffective because there is too much information crammed onto the side of the vehicle. A trade show is being advertised and it includes the date, time, and location of the trade show. There are also several phrases written on the advertisement, as well as a website for customers to view. The logos of the sponsors are also found on the advertisement, which is a distraction to people who are trying to discover the purpose of the advertisement.

Reading Response - Racing School Website

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This is the Don Swanson Racing School’s website; the “professional performance driving school” is based in Southern California. I discovered it on the site: and it received the (non)-honorary award of being one of the worst websites of 2012.