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This info graphic uses several of the principles mentioned in the reading

1. Dispursed vs. Layered- This graphic dispurses several pieces of information by showing multiple graphs separately. It also uses minimal layering only sharing vertical columns representing years, but easy to read independently and to discipher. Once the idea that time moves from left to right is established (cleverly using the evolutionary diagram of man evolving as time progresses) the reader no longer has to redefine an axis of time.
2. Metaphor- The graphic is all about coronary heart disease. However people don't equate that with preventable action. The graphic however immediately points out smoking and unhealthy eating/obesity as the causes that kill. People know that eating fast food and smoking are avoidable. Also losing your balloon is like losing your healthy heart.
3. Emotional- The idea that youth are growing up and starting to smoke and become obese makes it look like they are losing their heart balloon. We see a strong message that encourages us to jump up and catch our balloon before it get's out of reach and we die. We see that youths in india are FAR FAR more at risk than those in other parts of the world. We see the sheer scale of deaths represented and are faced with a tough pill to swallow. There is no terrible graphic of dead people but it is still somewhat emotional to see the poor obese guy reaching up for his balloon with it nearly out of reach.



Wow this is a very effective

Wow this is a very effective image. It combines multiple concepts discussed in the chapter...the image has a great amount of emotional power and very little accompanying text is necessary to grab our attention or for us to get the point.

Evolution of Man

I think you're absolutely right when you describe the design principles that apply to this ad. It's hard not to notice the allusions inherent in the design, from the evolution of man and the heart-shaped balloon. Rather than showing the evolution of a monkey into a man, this graphic goes a step further and includes an obese man along the way. So, I think it tries to scare the viewer in a way and prevent people from smoking.

The use of a familiar image,

The use of a familiar image, the evolution of man, goes great with the dispersed layout of the statistics.

I do find the information on the lower left confusing. Some of the statistics have confusing legends or no legends at all. This portion of the image seems to have sacrificed readability for graphic impact.