Team LED Project Log Week 1: Client Research

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About the Pearce Center for Professional Communications:

• Founded by Roy and Marnie Pearce in 1989.

• Roy is a Clemson graduate

• Credits his success to his ability to communicate

• Created to further students’ ability to communicate

• Located in Strode Tower

• Phone #: 864-656-1520

• Runs several production programs (WAC Journal, Glimpse, Parlor Press)
The WAC journal “publishes innovative research in Writing Across the Curriculum

• Runs the Clemson client based program
The client based program creates a wide variety of communication “deliverables”. They do some tv things, radio, posters, report, brochures etc.
The program has been around since 2003
Designed to help learn communication skills that lend to workplace integration

• Writing Fellows program
A program that trains students to become writing fellows: students that review a major writing assignment by other students, and over the course of a semester work with them to become better writers overall.
Students that become writing fellows must take a 1 hour class
Writing Fellows receive a $1,000 stipend each semester

• Houses several macs that can be used by students for production purposes

• Offers workshops to improve communication abilities

• Raises money for these programs

• Invites many guest speakers to come and speak on a variety of topics.


1. Client Based Program Director: Ashley Cowden

2. Pearce Center Director: Michael LeMahieu