Seating Arrangement at a Concert

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This image uses shapes in a positive way because it shows the seating arrangement of the North Charleston Coliseum in South Carolina in an organized way. Each box represents a section of seats and the sizes of each box are different. For example, the yellow boxes in the upper deck are bigger than the pink and orange ones. By designing this picture with differently shaped boxes, the viewers are able to better decide which tickets they want to buy. For example, ticket purchasers may not want to be on the floor with a huge group of people, so they would prefer a smaller box, such as a pink one. The designer did a very good job of utilizing shapes in this diagram, in my opinion. It is very effective for the most part, but the only fairly ineffective part of this design may be the numbering system for each of the boxes because the numbers seem to crowd the diagram and they are slightly confusing.,or.r_gc...



I wish all stadiums and

I wish all stadiums and coliseums were done this way. Too many times it turns into a long waited anticipation of how your seats will end up being. I don't like the guessing game.

coloring and sizing

The shaping of the symbols lets the reader know sizing and sets a good comparison to the other seats in the arena. The coloring is also a great representation of the different selection or styles of seating.

The shapes and coloring used

The shapes and coloring used in this map is very good. I think that maps like these are fairly easy to read and to understand. As for the numbers, I don't find them confusing. The numbers just correspond to the section your particular seat is in. Although, I have to agree that it is a little crowded.

I really like the

I really like the organization by color here. A lot of times stadiums/concert venues are done with just numbering. This can be confusing, at least to me. The coloring here breaks up that monotony and makes it easier for the consumer to understand where their seats are, how large a section is, etc.

I like that colors and shapes

I like that colors and shapes are used to differentiate the type of seats, but I wish different colors were used. For example, the bright, attractive colors should be used for more expensive seating to promote sales and less-intense colors should be used for seating for the deal-seeking customer.