Project 3 Deliverable 1

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I intend to design an application for employment for Greenville Journal. Having worked there, I have an idea of what they are looking for in an employee and will create an "intimate" application that actually gets to know the applicant. I'll use design strategies like hierarchy, proximity, color, font, etc. to create an organized, effective, and aesthetically pleasing form.



Might bring better talent in!

I know if I see a messy, unorganized application I don't bother applying just because I assume the company is that way (messy and unorganized). By updated and carefully organizing the Greenville Journal form/application I see a much higher flow of qualified applicants applying! Great idea!


I really like this idea and think applicants will be happy filling it out. What exactly do you mean by "intimate" application? Would that be learning the hobbies and personality of the applicant? The form should make it faster and easier to analyze it.

great idea

I think people will like filling out and organized form. Hopefully the company will want to use it after you are done.