Jan 29 Assigment.

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I believe this image to be a slight mixture of "dispersed vs layered" and "anatomy and function." There is a decent amount of interaction between these two elements. There is a usage of pictures in substitution of words as well as visual layers.



There are several different variables at work in this graphic. The one constant is the relationship to diabetes. It's interesting how it begins with an overall number of people who have diabetes and then distills down into the number of Hispanics who have been diagnosed. I also find it helpful that the graphic uses percentage of the population to convey the information. There are certainly layers of information at work here and I agree with you that "anatomy and function" are used as well.

Anatomy and Layers

I believe the representation of the 12% in the figures of people is a good example of of anatomy and function. I'm not sure which one of those two it would be. I suppose it's not showing how the 12% works, just what it looks like. So I'd go with anatomy.

I think the image itself as whole is functioning in layers. You can follow down the poster, going step by step, taking in the information one piece at time instead of having it all grouped together and leaving it for the view to decipher.