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I found an ad to show shaky information design.

Here is the link:

This is an ad for a painting company. However, this advertisement is so "busy" that you may not be able to tell that! There are too many names and phone numbers on this advertisement. The text mentions that for information design to be successful there must be a balance of the meaning of the information, the skills and inclinations of the designer, and the perceptions, education, experience, and needs of the audience. The audience is not able to focus in on what the advertisement is actually trying to get across. In this example, the data is too technical to be transformed into understandable information. There are red, blue, and black text boxes everywhere! These are not necessary at all. There is also a heading on the flyer and a subheading. Normally just a few words would be sufficient-a hook. You just want to grab the audience's attention, not overwhelm them. In the right hand corner there is a box showing that you are getting a deal with the price. Although this is important, there is a better way to show it. I think the designer is overly concerned with designing a visually compelling graphic and not being aware of the needs of the audience. This is unfortunate because it could be effecting the potential customers. There were also some quotes in red in the text; one of them requires thorough questioning. I think it is important in this case to draw attention to the questions that read "Is it necessary?" and "Is it in a form that its audience can understand?". As mentioned above, there is a lot of information in this ad that is not necessary. With that being said, the ad is definitely not in a form that the audience can understand.



No 'information scent'

You're absolutely right in your assessment of this ad - what makes it hard to read is the lack of a visual hierarchy. The designer throws so much information at the reader, who is instantly overloaded with content. For this type of ad, the prices should be one of the prominent elements, but that isn't the case here.

I spent about 2 minutes

I spent about 2 minutes trying to figure out exactly what they were advertising... Could it have killed them to add a paint can or roller pin or something in the image? I thought they were trying to rent an apartment!

I definitely agree with you

I definitely agree with you that the painting advertisement is too cluttered! The designer is trying to fit too much information onto the advertisement, which is ineffective because it prevents the audience from discovering the purpose of the advertisement.

Way too much

The designer put way too much in this ad. And the fact that the audience has to search for what is being advertised is tiresome and the audience my lose interest in this.