Function--Grasping the important elements of the subject

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The campus map is a good example of how the fidelity of an image can help the user grasp the important material. The accuracy of the landscape (especially the central location of campus--reflection pond and amphitheater) helps new students learn where they are on campus relative to where they need to go next.



Parking Map

I like that you used the Clemson University Parking map as opposed to many other Clemson University maps out there. While I agree that the parking displays an accurate layout of campus and is effective in showing you where you need to go and how to get there, many of the other campus maps are very ineffective. It would be good to do a comparison between the various maps and discuss why this one works and the others do not.

Anatomy and Function

It wouldn't be helpful to use an actual photograph of the campus for the purpose of a map. Using an animated portrayal of campus works much better. Having the correct size and scale of buildings is needed in order to help people navigate. All of the buildings on campus need to be shown, but every individual landmark isn't required.