Failed Website: Mr. Bottles

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This website is overloaded with information, which makes this website exhausting to navigate. Immediately, the user is bombarded with an obnoxious amount of blue font, as well as with a talking man that is promoting the company. The initial time spent on the website is spent waiting on the man to stop talking, so that the user can attempt to gather information from the plethora of blue font. This website does not demonstrate any skill of the designer (the designer disregarded human factors), and important information is not emphasized. The audience is immediately distracted, and most likely did not want to exhaust themselves with trying to educate themselves about the company.



i barely had this site open

i barely had this site open for 3 seconds and i was overwhelmed. the talking man, especially. there really is a high importance in how you convey and get your information across. theres a fine line, i feel between losing the reader/consumer in information, and them getting bored because they know nothing. it seems a hard medium to accomplish to not only get info to the consumer, but to also not overwhelm them

Lots of images, lots of text

I don't think it's a good idea to use images as navigation links. The text easily blends into the background of the image. The talking man seems to be acting as some sort of tour guide for the site. This wouldn't be needed if the site was self-explanatory.