Apples to Apples: Project 1

I think this image is fun and worthwhile both to appreciate and critique because it has a lot to offer. It's a long graphic with a lot of cartoon images so there is a lot to think about and possibly improve on. I was immediately drawn in because of the topic and the first graph and I wanted to read on. Some things I may want to consider are the layout of the image (because you can only scroll up/down), color/composition (colors used, contrast, cartoon images), and shape (because they use some unconventional shapes in their graphics).

War Propaganda

This poster makes a good example for this project due to the color choices and word choices. They all have specific associations. On top of that, the labels that are attached further the point of the poster. All of this leads the viewer to a specific interpretation that you either look at and approve of, or are vehemently against, either way you reach the poster's conclusion.