Draft 1 - Still Struggling

Draft 1 - Just sort of pointing out to myself what the main items of discussion will be to myself. I know I want to work with the coloring, especially, as well as the organization of the content in general; how it goes from less intense information and then ends with a bang by comparing it psychologically to cocaine. Just the overall appeal and feel it gives to the audience and how it does that through techniques.

Group Project: Client-Based Information Design


Working with a real client, research, plan, draft, design, and test at least four related information graphics that meet the client's expressed need. You should interpret "information graphic" to mean any graphical representation that conveys information visually, either in the form of images and text or images alone. Some of the source information should be contributed by the client, at least in its raw form. In the end, the information graphics should accomplish a clear rhetorical purpose with a targeted audience.

Discussion of the Prompt

It will be important to conduct client research so that you can learn more about the client's context and communication needs. The purpose of this project is not simply to produce content that you like but to produce content that the client likes and needs and that achieves a clear rhetorical purpose. The process, therefore, will involve meeting with the client, gathering information sources and visual assets, in-progress reviews, project logs, and user testing.