Tufte Response

I think the most important topic discussed in this chapter is the "small multiples" (p. 30). I think its important because different size text, pictures, bylines, and other important information can be organized in a way that is logical and eye catching. These varying sizes and organization are often used in magazines or newspapers. They can also be used in books to identify different chapters or topics within the chapter.

Tufte Chapter 1

I found that the small multiple display is was one of the more important things in chapter one. You can use small multiple displays to compare charts and data. The air portion display is and example on page (28). It is a good example of how numbers can be arranged on a plane surface and can be easily understood at the by the person reading the chart. The chart uses same design structure that is repeated for all the levels and images in the chart.

Tufte Ch.1

I found that the small multiple was one of the most important concepts that Tufte discussed. Small multiple is a display that uses the same design structure through out the graphic. Being consistent helps reduce confusion. If one thing represented many things then it would be difficult to comprehend what information the graphic is displaying. Also, if there is consistency throughout then it would be easier to notice changes.

The Duck

I was really interested in what Tufte had to say regarding "duck" design having just finished his article for MAPC orals. I was very intrigued by the idea that graphics shouldn't be flat but should reflect our 3-denominational world. However, Tufte explains that there are a limits, or "ducks" that place ornamentation above information.

Gaudy Isn't Good

I found that the most helpful part of this chapter was the explanation of simplicity and clarity. While it may seem obvious, I've always been told throughout my years in school that after completing a chart or graph I should strive to make it look nice, and that cluttered information is a bad thing. This book kind of redefined that for me, as it showed me information graphics that I would tell you are horrible.