W Project 3 Deliverable 1

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I have childhood memories of sitting in the scary room waiting on the dentist to come in. I remember the signs in the room with dinosaurs teaching you how to brush your teeth…and other ones intended to scare kids into taking care of their teeth. I want to create one of these signs of my own. Right now, I intend to create a poster-like sign that warns kids and/or parents against certain habits that harm teeth. This can be humorous and informative. I chose this topic because I remember these posters (even though many years have passed) and there is a lot of information online about brushing habits and/or lifecycles of teeth.

Possible sources of information:



This would be a nice way to

This would be a nice way to maybe modernize those signs. It will be interesting to see how you can combine the information to make it playful but informative, as well as easy to understand for children and adults.