Project Two-Deliverable Two

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Who uses online dating? My data is all about the breakdown of who uses the Internet to date online. My data breaks down all of the categories into the percentages of who does use the Internet and who does not use the Internet. However, I will only be looking at the sex, race, age, and maybe the household income categories. Because there is so much information in each category, a pie chart is not going to be as effective as I thought it would be. With that being said, I am going to use bar charts for all of my data. Although some mixture would be nice, this is going to be the easiest to understand and compare the percentages. I might switch up some of the charts to be in columns to give a different visual with the same effect. Either way, I will have at least three bar/chart graphs and possibly one more using the household income if my page limit and 250 word story permit.