Project 3: Water Safety Pictogram (CU Sailing Club)

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My project focuses on making a humorous pictogram that is useful for helping members of the sailing club remember to practice safety on the water.
I chose this because I have been in the sailing club for some time and as former safety officer I see the need for some additional safety mindedness in the clubs’ culture.
Specifically, I hope to convey that cold water can be very dangerous and to wear lifejackets when winter rules are in effect.
Sources: Clemson University Sailing Club winter rules policy.
There is a basic equation that determines if the elements warrant wearing a lifejacket. Factors include water temperature, air temperature, wind chill factor, and overcast factor. Typically if it's sunny with low wind if the sum of water temp and air temp is over 120 degrees the risk is low and life jackets are not mandatory.



I think this is a great topic

I think this is a great topic for incorporating humor. Sometimes people use humor and it isn't quite relative...this, however, is a topic that gives you a lot of playing room, while effectively communicating an issue.


Are you thinking of creating pictograms similar to the ones used for the Olympics, with a black and white figure performing some action? I think this a great idea and most people would rather look at pictures then read a safety manual for sailing. You could help save lives, Jordan!

project 3 comment

I think that this idea will not only be useful for sailors, but for just about anyone looking to spend time in the water. Safety should always be a priority when it comes to college students. Therefore, if you can find a way to make peoples' experience in the water that much safer, and probably more comfortable, more power to you.