Project 1 - Geeks vs Nerds

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I went through searching for the example that caught my attention and held it. This infographic is a great example for analysis because it uses several of the principles that were discussed in Chapter 2. Specifically, the infographic uses shape, color, labeling, and connections. I'm also really excited about this example because it's funny and nerdy/geeky. Lastly, I really enjoy the layout of this infographic because of how it's set up as a sort of compare and contrast of the nerd and the geek.



I feel like people fall into both of these catagories

I think this graphic is bias in favor of the geeks. I also think pegging people as one or the other is useless. This maybe fun if you identify with the cool personality more than nerd, but as a nerd, I think I disagree with many of the criteria for what makes who a what. Just a critique on the graphic itself, not you Peaches. Good choice in selecting an alternative graphic.