The Duck

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I was really interested in what Tufte had to say regarding "duck" design having just finished his article for MAPC orals. I was very intrigued by the idea that graphics shouldn't be flat but should reflect our 3-denominational world. However, Tufte explains that there are a limits, or "ducks" that place ornamentation above information.

I found this graphic online that tries to be engaging and I think even has a 3-D quality to it. But ultimately it fails at effectively communicating its data. The city line isn't needed and neither are the differently colored road paths. So much emphasis is put on the visuals that it takes a while to realize the numbers are percentages. Yet nothing in the visual actually shows their proportions, leaving it up to the viewer to decide.

I think Tufte would like the coffee visual on the top of page 28 of Katz. It's very visual, yet is still able to communicate the data in a clear way.