Deliverables 1 and 2 for Project 2

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At first I was looking at doing an infographic about coffee and caffeine consumption among college students because I consume both on a daily basis. However, as I was looking up more information, I felt that doing an infographic on prescription stimulants among college students would be a much more interesting topic on which to do my infographic. Plus, I found several sources that were very thorough on the topic.

I'm looking at possibly doing a compare and contrast of medical uses versus non-medical uses of prescription stimulants (like Adderall, Vyvanse, and Focalin) by college students.

The shape that I want my infographic to take would involve maybe the information and statistics being put into either a pie-like graph/chart but in the shape of a pill or capsule. I would also include several statistics and facts about how stimulants affect a person when they use it for medical and non-medical purposes. I would describe the non-medical and medical purposes as well. I also considered including the positive and negative effects of using prescription stimulants for both medical and non-medical purposes. There are several ways that I can compare and contrast the two ways of using stimulants; I'm just going to have to narrow it down and neatly organize the facts and figures so that the infographic comes together in an effective manner.