Chapter 4 Designing Information

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Organization: is defined as something that is made up into a specific function and is distributed into a whole. It can be seen as a use for putting things together in a neatly order so that the user can interrupted what the distribution theme is.

Proximity: Being close to something or near a certain thing; being close together. Information designers put this term into effect when they put images, words, graphs, etc.. close to each other on the page to portray a certain visual effect for the audience they are focusing in on.

Hierarchy: Is meaning a system of things arranged in a graded order. This is seen in information designs when things need to be grouped together to show importance and it can also be in the order of the items importance.

This link is a picture of a information graphic about Spectra. I think this design violates good practice because the information cannot be easy read when it is facing away from you and the writing is blurry.



Image or website?

I'm inclined to believe that the image you posted is a screenshot of a webpage, in which the colored tiles rotate to face the viewer. I really don't like these interactive type of websites because there is a waiting period involved.