Lots of Information at once

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This is a picture from my boyfriend's AISC Steel Manual Reference Guide. The graph goes on for a few pages, each one is "continued". I believe the shape of the page in general made for a difficult display of information. It should've been created so that there was no need for a continuance of pages for the graph. Also, it could have benefited from a more distinct difference in lines.





I don't even want to being to decipher that. Nothing about it appears clear or straight forward. I can't even figure out what the graph is about from the title.


I believe a similar graphic was talked about in our text book, where a student made triangles to mean something and it was not intuitive to what a triangle is supposed to mean. Furthermore, this is geared toward the small intellectual group who designed it. Not very user friendly without a course in how to interpret it. Definitely a good example.

Confusing Letters/Numbers on Lines

The labeling of the lines is very difficult to make out. Using colors might have been a better way to differentiate the lines from one another. Since this seems like some sort of graphs for engineers, I'm not surprised! The designer should have "spread" this information out over multiple pages rather than combining everything into a single area.