CU Fitness Schedule

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This is an old Fike schedule from last semester. I'd had it hung up in my room but because of the way the informaiton is organized and color coordinated it wasn't used very much. It has too much information and is organized in a way that distracts from its overall usefulness and ability to just glance at the sheet and find a place to go. It contains the same information that a small calendar or other type of flyer could contain but is not organized very well. I had to annotate it to really get any use out of the printout. The code also wasn't done very well and there's a bunch of random symbols and letters at the bottom, which takes away from its level of use.




I definitely think this could

I definitely think this could have benefited with using the days of the week in the headers like you have annotated. It seems fairly organized, as with the hours of what activity is occurring, but I see how it could still be relatively distracting from the overall concept. The code does not make any sense to me whatsoever and really does take from the layout.

The symbols are very

The symbols are very confusing....should the user be able to decipher this information, or is this a mistake of file formatting? At first glance, it seemed fairly efficient, but when I tried to actually learn about the activities provided at Fike for my own use, I'm not sure I would have understood how to use it without your annotations.

That is a lot of information.

That is a lot of information. It seems as if that this could have been better organized. All the information is there but it just isn't utilized very well. Organizing it by the weekdays would be much more helpful and easier to read.


It's interesting how you had to label each of the days by the day of the week so you could keep things straight. I think some color coding related to the type of workout and legend would help make this more straightforward.