Cosmopolitan: Info Overload

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This map printed in Cosmo (March 2013) intends to tell which type of boy lives where based on surveys of 40,000 men in the U.S. Here we have what Katz calls "too little information" which unfortunately "takes up space and wastes energy."

There is so much information in that an entire page is used up with tons of text and a whole map of the U.S... yet, it's meaningless because there are no numbers.

We don't know the percentages for each state of how many men scored in each personality trait category. Obviously, the majority deems which color the state will be... but what if the state is 49% family man and 51% "Loyal Tough Guy." And then, how will will compare separate states without numbers? The results are rendered a waste.

Also- qualitative concerns- the colors are so similiar!!! Easily confusing.




The use of coloring is

The use of coloring is effective, but the colors are definitely pretty close together. And it seems like everyone is Blake Shelton. Which, I mean, I'm cool with. But, regardless there are no numbers like you've stated. I would've liked to see a better organization as well. It seems clogged.

It is funny that we both

It is funny that we both found problems within this magazine....Cosmopolitan needs to get it together (After all, it is targeted at a more adult audience than 17 Magazine or something like that. Yes, the map is used to take up a lot of space...and it provides very little information. The fact that there are no stats or numbers provided with the map makes me wonder how accurate this research really is...

Difficult to Connect

I agree that there is "too little information" in the info. graphic. I'm honestly not sure what it's trying to convey? That men with similar personality traits live in particular states? You're also right about the blue shading of the states - there is legend to compare it with. It needs numbers to make sense!