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ch 4 response

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Organization is just the use of the space on the page. It's how you place things on the page and how that effects the consumer. Placing things so that it is put in a meaningful location to either draw the eye, or give the eye a break with blank space.

Proximity is the arrangement of the images or text in correspondence to the rest of the page. Kind of going hand in hand with organization, proximity however focusses on the area more or less around the items on the page as opposed to their actual placement.

project 3 deliverable 1

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So, I think I am going to try and do a pictograph that involves admission statistics for Clemson university. Just men vs. women percentage, overall applicants, etc. I am not completely sure how I want to actually go about making this pictograph. However, I would like to involve something Clemson related as well as something to specify the genders admitted. I think I will probably just do my work in Word, but I may try a little more design aspect with it and perhaps try to do some stuff in InDesign.

project 2 deliv 2

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I think that I will be displaying my information in a bar graph, mainly because I can group together different information blocks into groups of bars. I think I will try and make it somewhat creative and not just plain graphs. I'd like to incorporate the main idea image-wise into the information graphic itself. I've been brainstorming that a little, as well as looking up some ideas to make some sort of boring information somewhat interesting. But, bar graph will be my main objective.

Ch 1 Tufte

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I believe the most important concept mentioned in Ch. 1 is the idea of tabular arrays of numbers (data entries). The viewer is able to absorb a lot of information in a straight forward and easy way. The best example they give is the Law School aptitude test percentile. It shows GPA and LSAT scores. This type of information display is still used frequently. I saw it used a lot when I was applying to college. The graphs would show me the average GPA range, and the acceptance percentage to a particular college. It was very helpful and interesting to see.

Business Information

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I have decided to try and do a comparison of Southeastern states and their business patterns. I have decided to do this because it seems that a lot of the better paying businesses are in the north. I, however, refuse to work up north and would like to study and see what states in the southeast have a booming business with average to above average pay. I will try and make a creative chart with southern flare. I will be using the site for my statistics.

Lots of Information at once

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This is a picture from my boyfriend's AISC Steel Manual Reference Guide. The graph goes on for a few pages, each one is "continued". I believe the shape of the page in general made for a difficult display of information. It should've been created so that there was no need for a continuance of pages for the graph. Also, it could have benefited from a more distinct difference in lines.

Draft 1 - Still Struggling

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Draft 1 - Just sort of pointing out to myself what the main items of discussion will be to myself. I know I want to work with the coloring, especially, as well as the organization of the content in general; how it goes from less intense information and then ends with a bang by comparing it psychologically to cocaine. Just the overall appeal and feel it gives to the audience and how it does that through techniques.