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Project 3 draft

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This is a rough draft of my project. I can't get my laptop to handle photoshop so I made this by hand... Tomorrow I plan to use the lab till it's done.

The idea behind this is to play with the idea of animal crossing signs but instead using a cartoon image of the main characters in Invader Zim.

Reading Response

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Organization & proximity: placing like items together in a graphic with appropriate spacing (not too much, not too little)
Hierarchy: the order in which the information is presented (logically, in order of importance)


Today is Tax day! Nothing says "poor design" like a form that most people have to pay someone to complete for them!

Layering and Separation

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I think the layering part of the chapter is very well represented by the chart on p. 55 with the different color separating the different train routes. I also like the map on a later page as an example because it brought to mind the map books that I used to see in my parents' car before GPS devices and smart phones made navigation almost effortless. I think the author was trying to bring attention to the fact that information designers consciously decide to make certain things about maps, charts, graphs, infographics, etc.

College attainment numbers infographic

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For my second project I would like to make an infographic using InDesign. I'm a shaky hand at it but I think if I can get into the program for a significant amount of time over the next few weeks I should be able to get better. I'm going to use fun colors and interesting graphics (creative pie charts, stick people filled up halfway, etc.) to liven the data up. I think there's a lot to be represented but should be interesting to see graphically.

Project 2 Deliverable 1

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For my second project I'd like to make an infographic about the college graduation rate based on cost in the United States. I chose this data because I think it could be interesting and it has percentages by state in 2009 and 2010 and the projected improvements in 2020. link

Tufte Response

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I think the most important topic discussed in this chapter is the "small multiples" (p. 30). I think its important because different size text, pictures, bylines, and other important information can be organized in a way that is logical and eye catching. These varying sizes and organization are often used in magazines or newspapers. They can also be used in books to identify different chapters or topics within the chapter.

CU Fitness Schedule

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This is an old Fike schedule from last semester. I'd had it hung up in my room but because of the way the informaiton is organized and color coordinated it wasn't used very much. It has too much information and is organized in a way that distracts from its overall usefulness and ability to just glance at the sheet and find a place to go. It contains the same information that a small calendar or other type of flyer could contain but is not organized very well. I had to annotate it to really get any use out of the printout.