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I found this image in the Anderson Independent. The reader is bombarded with information. This information overload can overwhelm and potentially confuse the reader. There are also many numbers that could easily confuse a reader. One must also consider the map that is placed in the ad. The map looks accurate but a reader does not know the distance. There is also the issue of substitution. Although, the map is accurate in shape the size is not. Also, the reader cannot tell the distance between locations that will be visited on this trip.

Global Carbon Footprint

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I chose this example of information design because it displays the principles of color, shape, form, and labeling. Needless to say that there is a lot going on in this graphic and there are many principles of design that is being used. I also chose this because I find the subject interesting and the graphic is visually appealing.

reading response

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I found this image on google. It's obviously making a connection and exploring the history between graffiti and street art. However, the designer may not have taken into account the audience because this map is very difficult to follow because there is a lot going on. I don't understand how some of the subjects on this map are related to others. It is visually compelling and the subject at hand is interesting but the design was not executed successfully because it is difficult to understand.