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Book Lab Gang Project Log 1

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Clemson Book Lab: For this project, we'll develop information graphics about the Clemson Book Lab for promotional purposes and for display on LED screens.

heidirs - graduate student team leader
- minion 1
Lauren (lnoble) lnoble@clesmon.edu - minion 2

We are interested in the client needs, and the technology we will learn in order to complete the project.

Emotional Power

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Anti-abortion, religious websites would be an example of the use of emotional power. I won't link to any since the sites are usually very graphic, but you can Google "Army of God" or "Wicked Shepherds" to see what I mean.

Katz Chap 1

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The site I'd like to use for this response is AARP.org. It's nice to see that they have improved the site over recent years, but there is still SO MUCH information. The designer tries to create a hierarchy of information through the structure of the site (menu bar and nav bar), but ultimately fails. The data is too dense and completely overwhelming: