Project 3 - Deliverable 1

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I think I've decided to make a form for a babysitting application. Babysitting is something that I've done since I could have a job, and when I have my own kids, I think it would be a good idea to have a useful application for potential babysitters that provides relevant information about the person who's going to be watching my kids when I'm away. If I didn't make a babysitting application, I would make a form for babysitters that's sort of like a fill in the blank for what to do or what to cook when you've run out of ideas while babysitting.

Project Log: Project 3

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I am planning to create a pictograph about commas. I was inspired by the visual puns in the first link. Because I want to teach my audience about the proper use of commas, my pictograph will give more information about the topic, while staying clean and simple (I hope!).

Chapter 4, Designing Information

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Important lessons learned throughout the readings

1) Importance of Hierarchy, while layering and ordering information it is critical that the individual organizes in a way that list the information from greater importance and ending with the information that isn't as sufficient or important.

2) Importance of Proximity, group together topics, ideas, themes with one other. According to proximity individuals will group together ideas that are shown and shared next to each other and will disassociate items that are listed further away from each other.

Chapter 4

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proximity describes grouping with careful spacing both horizontally and vertically with the careful use of aiding communication. An example is a museum of art spacing the exhibits far apart. Hierarchy gives a sense of importance by starting bottom up or top to bottom. The design becomes clear and eligible with importance. An example is a prescription description. Organization forms the framework for communication compromised of text and graphics to include information that is clearly eligible for the reader. Without organization, information becomes cluttered and unreadable.

Organization, Proximity and Hierarchy

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Organization, proximity, and hierarchy are centered around how lists, menus, tables of contents, and other categories of information are grouped and placed on a page in order for the text or groups of text to be displayed in the most efficient way. Katz states that in any arrangement of text or groups of text, there is a figure and ground, positive and negative, information and empty space [and] how that information and that empty space is configured makes it easier or more difficult to see relationships and to understand the information.

Project 3 Deliverable 1

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I intend to design an application for employment for Greenville Journal. Having worked there, I have an idea of what they are looking for in an employee and will create an "intimate" application that actually gets to know the applicant. I'll use design strategies like hierarchy, proximity, color, font, etc. to create an organized, effective, and aesthetically pleasing form.

Ch. 4 Designing Information

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Proximity—If two things are close together in proximity, we associate them with each other. Things farther away are considered separate.

Organization— Easy to understand, appropriate use of space (negative and positive), little ambiguity, but also taking into consideration aesthetics.

Hierarchy— Logical ordering of information- from most important to least important.

Project 3 part 1: bad road sign

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I may find another road sign to do, but this is the one I'm going to start with:

I think this is a bad road sign and could be parodied in a way that would be entertaining. I will use one of the Adobe programs in class to make something that looks believable but is a joke.

Reading Response

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Organization & proximity: placing like items together in a graphic with appropriate spacing (not too much, not too little)
Hierarchy: the order in which the information is presented (logically, in order of importance)


Today is Tax day! Nothing says "poor design" like a form that most people have to pay someone to complete for them!